Ten things that irk the piss out of me on webmaster forums but I love anyway


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Far-L is a webmaster with several years experience in online publishing. Specializing in adult media, his commentary applies to all types of webmaster forums not just adult.  We found his thoughts specially noteworthy.  That’s why we’re reposting it here.  Far-L is the webmaster of HomeGrown Video

1. Program launches with skanky, bored, and lifeless stripper content that fake nicks, faux friends, and ass licking reps rave about like it is the greatest thing they have seen since Jordan Capri finally took dick on video. I have never witnessed so many Emperors wearing so few clothes in my life.

2. Trolls who literally have zero business sense, nothing notable in terms of profitable business operations, and offer no practical advice or skill to the betterment of anyone being eventually respected as “trusted sources” for business advice just because they trolled around long and hard enough to be considered authoritative.

3. False controversy threads to try and generate views… (kind of like this one but I will risk being a hypocrite just to get this crap out of my system.)

4. Fired reps hasty farewell threads that seem to pay respects on the surface then seethe with understated resentment and the rebuttal replies by program owners trying hard to seem professional and like they weren’t idiots for hiring morons in the first place.

5. Old-timers resenting young upstarts and vice versa just because things are different now than they used to be or will be tomorrow. Get over it. Trends shift. Business models change. Some will adapt and some won’t but it really doesn’t matter how old you are – just how willing you are to work and adapt to the fluctuations.

6. People still bitching about how “tube sites killed porn”. Seriously? Porn has never been more prevalent and people are still making millions off of it. Just because you are not doesn’t mean it is someone else’s fault. It means you are clueless and should probably start figuring out the timer on the fry fryer at McDees.

7. Most any so-called business thread by Paul Markham. They go on forever and serve zero purpose beyond giving a self proclaimed retiree something to do besides bug his wife for blowjobs. I could have put this into the last bitch point but felt it deserved its own gripe. F-U and F-Me if we disagree on that.

8. Contest threads that turn out to be carefully orchestrated ruses to get a bunch of rubes posting incessantly for nothing worth mentioning.

9. Fake nicks with inflated post counts of just completely useless responses. Anyone that disagrees with me on this needs to meet me at show so we can fight then enjoy a bro-beer afterwards.

10. People bitching about XYZ generic fly by night proggie of the moment going out of business (again) and needing to pull links (again) when they could have been promoting Homegrown Video or some other steady professional, reputable prog instead. And guess what… just because the prog is CCbill doesn’t mean a damn thing because those sites go out of biz too in case you weren’t paying attention.

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