The Secret to Solving Problems Online


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

If you line up the people who make money online and you line up the people that tried and failed, you will see a very start pattern. The ones who succeed both online and that the rest of lives really have one thing that sets them apart. They may not necessarily be harder workers. They may not necessarily be smarter. Many of them don’t even have a proper education or at least their education is comparable to the ones that failed. Many didn’t have money. So what sets them apart? Very simple! When you start a business, the number one thing that is guaranteed that will happen to your business is that you will encounter challenges. The most common challenge of course is there’s no money coming in, no sales, no customers; but there are whole host of other challenges that will come your way. Now, how you respond to those challenges is what will set you apart from your competitors and other people in your industry. In fact, from a personal perspective, it’s what will set you apart from other people. You could either look at challenges as either intractable problems or you could look at it at a fun way, as basically puzzles that need solving. As the old saying goes, if you are a hammer, all the world’s problems start looking like nails. This is a very powerful insight.

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How you assume things and how you look at things impacts your mood. When your mood is affected, it impacts how effective you perform. If you feel crappy, you’re going to produce crappy results. So you have to be careful and mindful of how you perceive your challenges so that you’ll always come out on top. The best way to make money with niche marketing along with everything else is to look at challenges as puzzles. Look at no traffic as a puzzle. Look at low conversion as a puzzle. Look at finding high paying affiliate program as a puzzle. When you look at things are as puzzles, your whole mindset changes and your emotional range changes. Puzzles are fun. Games are engaging. When you look at your business as a puzzle to be solved and as a challenge that’s fun and exciting, the more puzzles you solved, the more problems you overcome, the more energized you get and the more problems you would solved and confront head on.

Now looking at it from the other side, if you look at your problems as something really scary that will kill you because you spend all this time and money and you’re running out of money, you’re looking at it from desperation. So instead of a fun puzzle, you’re looking at it as a life or death situation and you sink in to an emotional hole until eventually you quit. My friend, success is a choice. Choose to look at your challenges with niche marketing as a series of puzzles.

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