How to Get Traffic from Twitter @ Messaging

The @ message or the @ sign is one of the most powerful ways to market on Twitter. It is very powerful because when you put an @ message on a tweet, you are calling that person’s attention to your message. In other words, you are saying to that person, “hey, take a look at […]

Spamming Twitter through stripped RSS headers

Let’s face it, Twitter is NOT worthless–it just looks that way. LOL.  Much of its value is not in one guy with 20 followers thinking he’ll be making millions of dollars overnight.  It’s value is as a realtime search engine of minute by minute hot trends.  In fact, some people consider Twitter a better search […]

Bought a lemon? Report it on Twitter

GM routinely scours twitter and facebook looking for UNHAPPY customers. Good to see huge Old School corporations using Social Networking to get a realtime pulse of customer reactions to their products. Kinda makes you think of ROI though. There probably has to be some sort of profiling and urgency ranking involved for it to work […]

Sneaky way to get traffic via Twitter

We’ve been noticing that many heavy traffic news and other mass media sites have been posting tweets to them via @.  I guess the rationale for this is to get a “pulse” of what readers feel about late breaking news, current trends, and genuine feedback.  Interestingly, more and more of these types of setup are […]

Review: Retweet It

Your Circle of Influence Twitter can be viewed as a series of circles of influence. When someone elects to follow me, they become a member of my circle of influence–they get a copy of my updates or tweets. When someone follows them they have their own circle of influence who get their tweets. And so […]

Conflicting priorities: SEO vs Social Media

When it comes to ease of reading, there’s an unstated but very real conflict between SEO copywriting and social media writing.  SEO copywriting’s main focus is, unsurprisingly, search engine optimization.  While reader enjoyment and retention are nice goals to have, an SEO’d copy’s primary reader, at least in the Old School days, is the Search […]

Twitter updates @ functionality

Twitter has updated its @ setting so that people who follow an account will no longer see that account’s @ replies.  However, people can still see account names mentioned with @ as long as it’s not a direct reply.  Here’s an example: Replies @account won’t show:  If an account you’re following replies to @account, the […]

Is Twitter Worthless?

Twitter is growing currently at the phenomenal rate of almost 1000%.   However, there is a disturbing twin figure to that 1000% growth rate:  a dismal retention of only 30%.  By contrast, Facebook retains around 70% of its users, a similar figure to some other social networking sites.  This disconnect between rapid adoption rates and bad […]