Gwen Stefani Died and other spammed malware antics

I’ve been a big No Doubt fan since they released their Tragic Kingdom CD in the mid 1990s.  So imagine my shock when I was going through my daily routine of clearing out my spiced ham folder.  “Gwen Stefani Died”–the email subject just jumped out at me.  Sure enough, it had an attack site link […]

Adult marketing on Google Friend Connect

It appears Google’s Friend Connect/Blog follower feature allows users to fly topless pictures.  Add this to a mix of high volume “social”-enabled blogs and hilarity (and traffic) ensues. Here’s an example from a fairly popular blog: The racy profile pic will appear first under the Google Friend Connect/Follower area.  Click Here. When you click the […]

Sneaky way to get traffic via Twitter

We’ve been noticing that many heavy traffic news and other mass media sites have been posting tweets to them via @.  I guess the rationale for this is to get a “pulse” of what readers feel about late breaking news, current trends, and genuine feedback.  Interestingly, more and more of these types of setup are […]

Yahoo Answer Bot Bloopers

Looks like someone mistakenly used his blog comment spam bot on Yahoo Answers.  Here’s the hilarious result.  Moral of the story:  don’t spam, use real informative CONTENT.  Thank goodness, real quality content is getting CHEAPER by the day.

Watch out for this domain scam

Watch out for this (apparently classic) domain-related scam that’s being reported at Twitter and wm forums.  Here’s how the scam works: Scammers email you inquiring about buying your domain.  However, they require that you get your domain appraised by one of three or so domain appraisers they list in their solicitation email before they “buy” […]

You comment I follow

This blog is a DO FOLLOW comment blog.  Why?  Because we believe Google should ban spam not blogs linking to each other for legitimate reasons.  Also, commenters should be rewarded for good comments by pimping their sites a little bit.  Good for direct traffic and good for SEO. Here’s the graphic of our official position: […]

Some link directory spam and scam tactics to watch out for

Watch out for these all too common link directory scam and spam tactics. You are sure to lose time, effort, and/or link juice because of these bullshit shenanigans. Warning No. 1:  Link Directory Sucker Method If you frequent webmaster forums at all, you’re probably well aware of link directory owners recruiting webmasters to register with […]

Nasty ICQ spam and attack page trend

If you post on forums with your ICQ address visible or otherwise make your icq address available on any social networking site, you may be  a ripe target for a new scam being perpetrated online: An ICQ spammer harvests your ICQ number Spammer sends out an authorization request that looks suspicious (weird characters and other […]