Spamming Twitter through stripped RSS headers

Let’s face it, Twitter is NOT worthless–it just looks that way. LOL.  Much of its value is not in one guy with 20 followers thinking he’ll be making millions of dollars overnight.  It’s value is as a realtime search engine of minute by minute hot trends.  In fact, some people consider Twitter a better search […]

Review: Retweet It

Your Circle of Influence Twitter can be viewed as a series of circles of influence. When someone elects to follow me, they become a member of my circle of influence–they get a copy of my updates or tweets. When someone follows them they have their own circle of influence who get their tweets. And so […]

Why you should offer Free Wifi

If you run an offline “bricks and mortar” business that needs ‘warm bodies’ inside the establishment to get business, you should consider offering Free Wifi. Businesses like coffee shops and restaurants need the perception of being popular in order to get more patrons.  Ever notice that busy walk-in restaurants tend to attract more people.  People […]

Third Party Free Site Link Building

One of the older and still effective methods used in building backlinks to a central site is to build a network of sites hosted off free sites and free blog networks.  The effectiveness of this method revolves around the following: Keyword/subkeyword structure / keyword choice Quality original content that is actually useful Semi-targeted link building […]

Assorted list of useful free tools for webmasters

Here’s a great assortment of tools you can use to help increase your linkbuilding and social media marketing daily tasks.  Making money online is not a sprint–it is a marathon.  These tools help you in your daily efforts by helping you do more with less.  Less time and effort but yielding better results.   If you […]

Is Twitter Worthless?

Twitter is growing currently at the phenomenal rate of almost 1000%.   However, there is a disturbing twin figure to that 1000% growth rate:  a dismal retention of only 30%.  By contrast, Facebook retains around 70% of its users, a similar figure to some other social networking sites.  This disconnect between rapid adoption rates and bad […]