Page Rank Tools

If you’re looking to evaluate sites for backlink building purposes or looking to buy the domain, here’s some tools that may help you: enables you to check more than 1 site at a time for PR. Great for processing long lists of sites for linkbuilding or dropped domain buying purposes allows for more […]

From Spam to Win

A spiced ham commenter (aka spammer) visited this blog last week and their URL trail was particularly interesting.  After an in-depth investigation of where they came from, the technique learned led to a 200% improvement in our own marketing efforts.  Efficient techniques PLUS ethical linking/value linking = 200% improvement.  Pure win! Lesson learned:  Check your […]

Use longtail keywords to roll up to larger terms

If you’re optimizing a site that is in a very competitive space, you may want to look into getting a list of TONS of longtail keywords for your niche.  Filter and rank them based on competition level.   Optimize for the lower competition items first. Here’s the tested and proven strategy you might want to […]