Four Biggest SEO Mistakes People Often Make

Search Engine Optimization has pretty much become a science for itself during the past decade or so. Ever since Google appeared, SEO has become an integral part of the online world, and more and more people are beginning to understand the sheer importance of optimizing their web content for search engines. However, even though millions […]

Google’s fatwa against paid links and business reality

We’ve reported before on the confusing mixed messages Google is sending out regarding paid links.  Their Webspam department headed by their own representative to the SEO/SEM/blogging community,  Matt Cutts has repeatedly issued pronouncements against the evil (there’s that word again) practice of link selling.  He even has a post about how to report paid links. […]

The best day to issue an online press release

Based on a very experienced press release specialist, Mondays are NOT very slow news days.  If you submit on a Monday, your PR will probably be overlooked and your PR won’t be published online.  Why is this bad?  Besides the direct traffic press releases generate, less online PR sites will build backlinks to your site […]

Shoemoney hearsay

From another blog that receives Shoemoney’s premium newsletter: don’t buy text link ads links.  Apparently it’s straight from Google insiders themselves…  This is kinda obvious.  Really.  It would suck for Matt Cutts and crew to spider TLA and just unload that heavy 500 pound BAN hammer…  Stay clear of TLA.  Also, stay clear of dudes […]

Search Engine Traffic Comparison Report: Bing vs. Google

Accompanied by a lot of speculation and anticipation, was recently beta launched by Microsoft as a replacement to their MSN search engine.  MSN, as many SEOs agree, is a fairly “easy” engine to optimize for.  Since its focus tends to be more on “on page” optimization, many webmasters had better luck with MSN than […]

Google algorithm change cracks down on link sculpting

From SE Land: SEO link sculpting is the practice of adding “no follow” rel tags to some outbound links to maximize the flow of “link juice” to other links that aren’t tagged.  Ever notice how some webmaster forums intentionally close and no follow all the links of old posts?  I’ve seen this done on some […]

Third Party Free Site Link Building

One of the older and still effective methods used in building backlinks to a central site is to build a network of sites hosted off free sites and free blog networks.  The effectiveness of this method revolves around the following: Keyword/subkeyword structure / keyword choice Quality original content that is actually useful Semi-targeted link building […]

Building backlinks through responsible blog comments

There’s tons of “explode your traffic” or “become an SEO god” craptastic tools and craptacular “services” out there.  Don’t believe the hype.  Spamming the same garbage text will get you to the top alright–the top of Akismet’s ban list.  LOLz.  The fact is Google loves content.  Real content.  Not crap.  And definitely not spam.  Here’s […]

Critique of “50 top ways to drive traffic to your site”

The unattributed list below has been circulating in forums and reprinted on many “make money online” blogs since 2008.  We’re reprinting it here to comment on each method individually.  We’re reprinting the list here for “Fair Use” purposes of commentary and analysis. The rest of the series: * Part 1  *  Part 2  * Part 3 1. Write […]

Make Link Building the Cornerstone of your daily activities

This viral video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer became an Internet hit when it was released a few years back: Constant Focus Leads to Success People were making fun of Steve Ballmer saying that he went crazy.  Ballmer’s point was that targeted focus is the key to Microsoft’s continued success.  In the video’s case, it […]