WOW Cataclysm Beta Opt-In scam mail

Ask any WOW fans out there and you’d know that WOW is up for a major expansion/update in a few days.  This, of course, has spawned a surge in fake cataclysm opt-in scams and other bullsh!t.  These emails have a link or domain that loads a phishing page or malware.    Be very careful of emails […]

World of Warcraft Phishing attacks Increase

BlizzCon 2010 is just around the corner.  It supposedly brings with it the much anticipated launch release of WOW’s latest upgrade–CATACLYSM.  As if WOW addicts don’t already have enough stuff to worry about, right?  Economy down.  Jobs scarce.  It appears this momentous occasion wasn’t lost of PHISHING SCAM operators.  If you’ve been getting hammered by […]