Do you think you could be ACHIEVING MORE with your time?

Besides guzzling down a gallon of Red Bull (caffeine is addictive and bad for you for the long haul mmmkay?), I found these anti-procrastination tips very helpful. In particular, Analysis paralysis is a big problem among webmasters. Many of us confuse thinking/researching a problem as DOING something about it. Doing means action. Of course, it […]

Making money online is just like gardening

Whatever metaphor you use in viewing your life or your projects affects how successful or happy you are.  For example:  if you view life as a race, you will most likely judge your life based on how many ‘stages’ you’ve passed and how many people are ahead or behind you.  The same with viewing life […]

How to deal with haters

Whatever you do online, you’re bound to encounter interesting individuals who seem to have made it their life’s work to show you how wrong, stupid, clueless, or worthless you are.  You’ll encounter these inviduals regardless of how you generate traffic–chat, articles, social networks, blog comments, youtube comments, and/or forum posts.  It is rather easy to […]