Reverse-engineering Niche Content Category Leaders

I keep talking about reverse-engineering in this blog. I’m a big fan of reverse-engineering because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A lot of your competitors and a lot of the people that started in your niche category have done your homework for you. All you need to do is pay attention to certain […]

Who are your biggest “niche” detectives?

The biggest secret in niche marketing is not which auto-responder to get, which blog host to get, which software to get, no. The biggest secret in niche marketing is who will tell you about your niches; who will give you the information with which to grow your niche; who will provide you with the feedback […]

The Downside of playing it safe in Niche Marketing

Just like with many other things in life, it’s so easy to play it safe in niche marketing. It is so easy that you can just go on autopilot and do what everybody else is doing. The downside to this is you’re doing what everybody else is doing; you will be reaping the same results […]

When does targeting a high competition niches makes sense?

The common sense approach to niche marketing is to find a niche where there’s not that much competition. You’re doing this not so much because you fear the competition but you are trying to increase your chances of success. The best way of course to beat competition is to just provide a better value than […]

Is there such a thing as an evergreen niche?

Many marketers come up with many weird concepts. One of these weird but popular concepts is the idea of an evergreen niche. The whole idea of an evergreen niche is supposedly the solution to the perceived problem that niches change, that niches fade away, that there are certain niches that are very temporary. While it’s […]

Guide to niche finder software

There are many different software out there that are marketed in such a way that they supposedly help make your life better. Don’t fall for them. If their marketing approach is that at a click of a button you will start making money, runaway from the software. Chances are it’s all hype and you might […]

How to stay relevant in your niche

Niche marketing is like working out. Just when you are working out, you build up your muscles, you build up your stamina and you lose weight. However, the moment you stop working out, your body starts slowly packing on the weights and slowly starts getting flabbier. That’s how it works. If you don’t put in […]

Why do many niche marketers fail?

A lot of people want to get into making money online by getting into niche marketing. A lot of people just fall for the buzz words and also the pipedream of making money in your pajamas. Make no mistake about it; making money online will take work. It’s not something that is easy. It’s not […]

One painful truth niche marketers ignore

Have you heard of the Pareto rule, the Pareto pool or the Pareto principle? The Pareto rule is very simple. It states that 20% of people will achieve 80% of the results. This applies to almost all aspects of life. It can apply to dating, it can apply to studying, it can apply to making […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Niche Marketing

Just like with most other things in life, there are a lots of do’s and don’ts when it comes to niche marketing. If you want to make money doing niche marketing, you have to pay careful attention to what you do and to avoid and be mindful of the things that you shouldn’t be doing. […]