Google’s fatwa against paid links and business reality

We’ve reported before on the confusing mixed messages Google is sending out regarding paid links.  Their Webspam department headed by their own representative to the SEO/SEM/blogging community,  Matt Cutts has repeatedly issued pronouncements against the evil (there’s that word again) practice of link selling.  He even has a post about how to report paid links. […]

The best day to issue an online press release

Based on a very experienced press release specialist, Mondays are NOT very slow news days.  If you submit on a Monday, your PR will probably be overlooked and your PR won’t be published online.  Why is this bad?  Besides the direct traffic press releases generate, less online PR sites will build backlinks to your site […]

Sites you can use for linkwheel building

If you’re getting on the linkwheel bandwagon for supercharging backlink value, you can use the list below.  Whatever you do, make sure you don’t use a familiar linkwheel pattern.  Don’t spam or your linkwheel will be worthless.   Make sure to populate the system with REAL AND USEFUL CONTENT. The more “random” the linking pattern is […]

Blog comment spam bot bloopers

There’s many webmasters that “overautomated” their operations. In fact, some guys’ operations are so automated that they just click a button to get thousands of backlinks in less than 60 seconds. I’m sure that’s what the autoposter sales page would say but the reality is: automation can backfire easily and land you in Akismet land. […]

How to get .gov and .edu backlinks

Google, at least judging from its last update, favors .gov and .edu backlinks.  They tend to be more liberal with PR and the % of link juice flow when these types of domains are involved.  How to get these backlinks? Step 1: Do a Google search using these parameters — inurl:blog “keyword” inurl:blog […]

Shoemoney hearsay

From another blog that receives Shoemoney’s premium newsletter: don’t buy text link ads links.  Apparently it’s straight from Google insiders themselves…  This is kinda obvious.  Really.  It would suck for Matt Cutts and crew to spider TLA and just unload that heavy 500 pound BAN hammer…  Stay clear of TLA.  Also, stay clear of dudes […]

Worthless Article directory listings

There’s two kinds of backlinks–durable backlinks and “soft” backlinks.  Soft backlinks are links that you have to maintain in order to preserve their SEO juice.  These are social bookmarks, profile page links, forum links, etc.  These are very powerful but you have to keep building them in order to maintain their power.  The more durable […]

Google ignores long link titles?

Short titles are better for backlink building? This post made my eyes pop out: Google favors anchor text links of 55 characters or less for link building.  We have noticed that from our own linkbuilding efforts that shorter text titles get picked up more often by backlink tools.  Caveat: just because the link doesn’t appear […]

Aikido Link building method

The bad news about link building is that more and more sites are using NO FOLLOW tags.  This means more work, time, and money spent on researching sites that 1) accepts public links 2) have Page Rank on their main page and, ideally, 3) are in the same niche as the site you’re tying to […]

List of Do Follow Forums with Page Rank

Want to build links through forum sigs or in post links?  Here’s a list of Do Follow forums with page rank and Alexa.  We’ve included the Alexa rank if you’re looking for direct traffic as well Domain PageRank Alexa Rank 6    2,167 7    69 4    27,293 3    35,218 4    25,047 […]