Google’s fatwa against paid links and business reality

We’ve reported before on the confusing mixed messages Google is sending out regarding paid links.  Their Webspam department headed by their own representative to the SEO/SEM/blogging community,  Matt Cutts has repeatedly issued pronouncements against the evil (there’s that word again) practice of link selling.  He even has a post about how to report paid links. […]

I hate linkwheel FLOWERS

Many SEOs manually map or semi-manually map their backlinks structures.  These maps look very interesting, to say the least.  Some look like a Carlos Castaneda flashback while others are so damn predictable it’s scary–specially for the clients of such SEO “expertise”.  Predictablity, in SEO, is the home of FAIL. Google routinely destroys the PR and […]

Google index bans tied to Adsense?

A trusted and highly esteemed colleague of mine who does real well with Adsense recently told me that all his sites running Adsense have been banned from Google.  He runs tons of other sites using differing sponsors and those sites have remained in Google’s index. How do you know if your site is banned from […]