Latest Google algo change vaporizes millions off HuffPo

AOL recently bought the popular liberal blog Huffington Post for a whopping $315 million dollars.  That’s around 32 TIMES the earnings of Huffington Post according to Reuters.  Surely, the brand equity of Huffington Post, its high caliber stable of contributors as well as the name equity of Arianna Huffington factor into the price.  Still, 32 […]

Google Adsense Update shenanigans

We’ve been running all sorts of tests and experiments with our partner network’s blogs.  It’s only been one week into the current round of tweaking and testing and its already yielding some interesting nuggets of information.  Some findings: 1) Google adsense seems to go on a “freeze” mode if you update any element of the […]

Google: Hypocrite, pimp, or clueless?

Unless you’ve been smoking rocks or hiding under one, you’re probably well aware of Google’s current Netwide manhunt for sites that buy links to get a SERP advantage.   Here’s one of the more famous blowouts: izea’s program paid bloggers to blog about sponsors and linking to them without the no follow rel tag.  Result: […]

I hate linkwheel FLOWERS

Many SEOs manually map or semi-manually map their backlinks structures.  These maps look very interesting, to say the least.  Some look like a Carlos Castaneda flashback while others are so damn predictable it’s scary–specially for the clients of such SEO “expertise”.  Predictablity, in SEO, is the home of FAIL. Google routinely destroys the PR and […]

Shoemoney hearsay

From another blog that receives Shoemoney’s premium newsletter: don’t buy text link ads links.  Apparently it’s straight from Google insiders themselves…  This is kinda obvious.  Really.  It would suck for Matt Cutts and crew to spider TLA and just unload that heavy 500 pound BAN hammer…  Stay clear of TLA.  Also, stay clear of dudes […]

Google’s latest update slams many adult TGPs hard

As if Thumbnail gallery post (TGP) operators don’t already have enough to worry about, Google’s latest update crushed many TGP sites’ SERPS.  Thumbnail Gallery posts are adult sites that shows either short text descriptions or thumbnails that go to adult content galleries.  Usually, when you click the link or thumb, a certain percentage of them […]

Search Engine Traffic Comparison Report: Bing vs. Google

Accompanied by a lot of speculation and anticipation, was recently beta launched by Microsoft as a replacement to their MSN search engine.  MSN, as many SEOs agree, is a fairly “easy” engine to optimize for.  Since its focus tends to be more on “on page” optimization, many webmasters had better luck with MSN than […]

Google algorithm change cracks down on link sculpting

From SE Land: SEO link sculpting is the practice of adding “no follow” rel tags to some outbound links to maximize the flow of “link juice” to other links that aren’t tagged.  Ever notice how some webmaster forums intentionally close and no follow all the links of old posts?  I’ve seen this done on some […]