How to Get Free Facebook Fan Page Traffic

Make no mistake about it; Facebook is a traffic juggernaut. This is not a surprise because Facebook is really a powerful content generating and traffic sucking machine. People are driven by egos, and they would like your friends to know what they are doing. As a result, Facebook exploits this deep psychological need by giving […]

Who said Adsense Arbitrage is Dead?

There was quite a storm in the blogosphere a few years back when Google decided to crack down on Adsense arbitrage. Here’s some good news: arbitrage is still alive and kicking. It is doing quite well, actually. Also, it is monetizing a traffic source that is poised to get even BIGGER than search engine traffic […]

Yet another way to make money off Facebook

While we don’t recommend it, it seems that whenever there’s an online game system that has these characteristics, people manage to make money off it: a) Open way of making online gold/credits/chips — ie., you play or you gift to each other to get online currency.  Any way that doesn’t involve buying from the game […]

Facebook Traffic Service testing results

Webmasterlabor.Com is testing out a new service to add to its portfolio of traffic generation services.  As a subsidiary, we were tasked with testing out this service.  Here are the results: Facebook Traffic Service Analysis Methodology:  Create a facebook friend with thousands of friends.  Send a link to friends to get traffic.  This particular facebook […]