Craigslist anti-ewhoring warning message

Not exactly breaking news but CL promoters’ troubles just keep piling up.  In addition to the pending CL lawsuit regarding promotion software and CL’s geo-ip filtering system, they have now updated the much marketed section W4M section with this “fun fact”.  Check it out by clicking the thumbnail below. I don’t think it will deter […]

Recent craigslist update cracks down on spammers

As part of Craigslist’s evolving efforts to crack down on fake ads and “e-whoring”, Craigslist is now using GEO-IP detection for its ads. It used to allow people from outside a particular city to post ads for that city. Eg. someone who lives in Seattle could post ads in Washington DC. That’s all changed now. […]

Craigslist scheduled to drop erotic services

Due to pressure from state attorney generals regarding the usage of Craigslist’s “erotic services” section, CL has decided to drop erotic services and replace it with a new “adult services” section.  What is disturbing about the new section is that it will be manually filtered by CL employees.  Is this a preview of ad censorship?  […]