Google Wages Jihad on Content Farms

When it comes to legal pronouncements or any other pronouncements that can impact people’s lives and incomes, there has to be TIGHTLY DEFINED PARAMETERS for the problem at hand.  Sadly, while this principle works well in law, it doesn’t apply, apparently, to Google.  Vaguely defined terms like “content farms” and “low quality” content can mean […]

Google Adsense Update shenanigans

We’ve been running all sorts of tests and experiments with our partner network’s blogs.  It’s only been one week into the current round of tweaking and testing and its already yielding some interesting nuggets of information.  Some findings: 1) Google adsense seems to go on a “freeze” mode if you update any element of the […]

Use longtail keywords to roll up to larger terms

If you’re optimizing a site that is in a very competitive space, you may want to look into getting a list of TONS of longtail keywords for your niche.  Filter and rank them based on competition level.   Optimize for the lower competition items first. Here’s the tested and proven strategy you might want to […]