Beware of automated blog comment software

Like any other blog with decent PR on the blogosphere, this blog gets its fair share of SPAM comments.  Most of these are automatically shuffled off to the Trash bin by Akismet.  Yet people still persevere and use bots and comment spinners to try to get a juicy backlink from a PR 3 DO FOLLOW […]

Getting free traffic from DrudgeReport.Com

One of our readers alerted us to an interesting way to get traffic from Drudge Report, the wildly popular (#446 on Alexa) conservative news aggregation site. It appears many marketers watch the site for new updates that feature sites that allow user comments.  Normally, a drudge featured story is good for several thousand views.  Once […]

You comment I follow

This blog is a DO FOLLOW comment blog.  Why?  Because we believe Google should ban spam not blogs linking to each other for legitimate reasons.  Also, commenters should be rewarded for good comments by pimping their sites a little bit.  Good for direct traffic and good for SEO. Here’s the graphic of our official position: […]

Does it ever make sense to comment on NO FOLLOW blogs?

Many webmasters consider NO FOLLOW a curse.  They think that it unnecessarily restricts their linkbuilding efforts.  Indeed, many webmasters think that WordPress’ default NOFOLLOW tag on comments will not yield the intended result–cut down on comment spam.  Regardless, the reality is that the vast majority of WordPress-based blogs are NO FOLLOW despite the laudable efforts […]

Assorted list of useful free tools for webmasters

Here’s a great assortment of tools you can use to help increase your linkbuilding and social media marketing daily tasks.  Making money online is not a sprint–it is a marathon.  These tools help you in your daily efforts by helping you do more with less.  Less time and effort but yielding better results.   If you […]

How To Get Free traffic from Youtube

YouTube gets crazy traffic.  We’re talking hundreds of millions of page views.  For marketers, the challenge has always been how to get a slice of this traffic and do it within the rules of YouTube.  This means no comment spam or obvious spam links.  Regardless, it’s obvious people are still running comment spam bots–betting on […]