Panda smoke clears to reveal BOUNCE RATE as key factor

This blog caught a lot of heat because we kept emphasizing the role BOUNCE RATE may have played in the devastating trifecta of Google updates that started on February 25. May webmaseters, understandably, don’t want to bother with the time, hassle, or cost involved in producing sites that have a) ORIGINAL b) QUALITY c) LOW […]

Give the reader reasons to stay longer on your pages

Having keywords that were searched by your viewer present on your page is NOT ENOUGH.  You have to QUICKLY give the reader reasons to stay longer on your page.  There are two obvious ways to do this:  text “flavor nuggets” through creative website SEO copywriting and graphical cues.  Graphical cues consist of both page formatting […]

Creating a tighter fit between your page keywords and your content

I’m sure every guy would freak out if girls they thought were hot all of a sudden take off dentures or peel away make up to reveal nasty acne.  Nobody likes getting fooled and no one likes the feeling they got deceived.  The same goes for your site’s visitors.  The number one cause of HIGH […]