How to find Non-competing Blogs in your niche

The problem with approaching a competing blog to send a link to you is that they are basically going to look at your offer as a non-starter. Who would want to shoot themselves in the foot, would you? You wouldn’t, so why do you think your competition would do you the favor? So you might […]

Do You Need a Blog to Succeed in Online Marketing?

There’s usually a misconception among online marketers that you need a blog to make money online. They think of big blogger brand names like John Chow, ShoeMoney, or Darren Rowse, and they think that just because these people are professional blogger that they themselves need a blog. Internet marketer vs Blogger The truth is there’s […]

Google’s fatwa against paid links and business reality

We’ve reported before on the confusing mixed messages Google is sending out regarding paid links.  Their Webspam department headed by their own representative to the SEO/SEM/blogging community,  Matt Cutts has repeatedly issued pronouncements against the evil (there’s that word again) practice of link selling.  He even has a post about how to report paid links. […]

Barack Obama is your new bicycle

I use Google autosuggest for SEO.  It’s great for finding subniches and high value targeted topics to blog about.  However, it does produce WEIRD results sometimes.  Check out these gems…. Barack Obama is your new bicycle…  Talk about metaphors.  Hmmmm.  Albert Hoffman type bicycle (Road to Eleusis) or are we talking about that famous ET […]

Some quick wordpress tips

Here’s some quick tips for WordPress bloggers: Always remove the initial comment or default “about” message that comes with WordPress I’ve seen quite a few tools that search the web specifically for these default text.  These tools then either post comment spam or some other form of link spam. If you’re using WordPress as a […]

Getting first mover advantage with Google Trends

Despite its fairly obvious vulnerabilities to nefarious online buzz gaming schemes, Google Trends has a lot to offer webmasters.  In particular, it gives first mover advantage for webmasters looking for new domain niches to buy and new keyword clusters to capitalize on. Trend domaining Domaining is probably one of the few recession-resistant (notice I used […]

Does it ever make sense to comment on NO FOLLOW blogs?

Many webmasters consider NO FOLLOW a curse.  They think that it unnecessarily restricts their linkbuilding efforts.  Indeed, many webmasters think that WordPress’ default NOFOLLOW tag on comments will not yield the intended result–cut down on comment spam.  Regardless, the reality is that the vast majority of WordPress-based blogs are NO FOLLOW despite the laudable efforts […]

Third Party Free Site Link Building

One of the older and still effective methods used in building backlinks to a central site is to build a network of sites hosted off free sites and free blog networks.  The effectiveness of this method revolves around the following: Keyword/subkeyword structure / keyword choice Quality original content that is actually useful Semi-targeted link building […]

Building backlinks through responsible blog comments

There’s tons of “explode your traffic” or “become an SEO god” craptastic tools and craptacular “services” out there.  Don’t believe the hype.  Spamming the same garbage text will get you to the top alright–the top of Akismet’s ban list.  LOLz.  The fact is Google loves content.  Real content.  Not crap.  And definitely not spam.  Here’s […]

Assorted list of useful free tools for webmasters

Here’s a great assortment of tools you can use to help increase your linkbuilding and social media marketing daily tasks.  Making money online is not a sprint–it is a marathon.  These tools help you in your daily efforts by helping you do more with less.  Less time and effort but yielding better results.   If you […]