Worthless Article directory listings

There’s two kinds of backlinks–durable backlinks and “soft” backlinks.  Soft backlinks are links that you have to maintain in order to preserve their SEO juice.  These are social bookmarks, profile page links, forum links, etc.  These are very powerful but you have to keep building them in order to maintain their power.  The more durable […]

“Top 50 Ways to Drive Traffic to your site” critique installment two

This entry is a continuation of our 5-part critique of the “Top 50 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Site.”  Read the first installment of the series. 11. Add a link in your email signature to your website. It’s a free and easy way to get a little more traffic. How it works: Configure your […]

Unscrupulous use of article content

Article marketing is one of the oldest ways to build backlinks.  The system is very straightforward: article directories need content so they solicit web publishers/site owners/writers for content.  In exchange for your article submission, they will publish your content with some backlinks to your site.  Win Win situation, right?  Usually it is.  Not only do […]