The Power of Persistence


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

If you’re really honest about it, there is no stopping you from making a lot of money with niche marketing. There really is no excuse because who make a lot of money in this business have the same heart, the same brain, the same eyes, the same feet, the same legs as you. They may look different from you. They may have different colors, races, and religion, whatever; but at the end of the day, we’re all have the same hardware. So what is the difference? Why do some succeed and many others fail? Simple, we have different software. We operate in different software. Our minds, our mental programming, our concepts, our assumptions, those constitute our mental software. The good news is that we can choose our mental software. They are not put in there by some evil government or some conspiracy theory. No. We chose them, we learn them, and the good news is we can unlearn them.

One of the biggest barriers to success in niche marketing is the lack of persistence. This is a very common story. Joe Blow sees online marketing program available online, whips out his credit card and buys the program. Joe then goes on to get hosting and auto-responder service, puts up WordPress and he’s in business. Then Joe waits, and he waits, and he waits again, no results. Joe starts getting nervous then Joe whips out his credit card again, buys traffic; again, little to no results. Joe is really starting to sweat and he whips out his credit card again, buys more traffic and still, no results. At the end of the day, Joe just quits, he says, “Well, internet marketing is a scam. There’s no money to be made online”. That’s the real tragedy of many niche marketers because they fall into this pattern. It is a very common pattern and it can happen to everybody. The problem here is Joe did not know how to persist. The secret to making it in this business is that you have to have persistence. Persistence can be defined in these terms. It’s not just a question of hanging on. You can be hanging on forever and keep plugging away but if you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re going to fail. You have to hang on the right way. You have to persist with the right strategy and this is the persistence that I am talking about.

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What I am talking about is to follow this particular model. You start a project then you start measuring your results. If there are no results and it’s zero, you look for different clues that your website is throwing your way or your email list is throwing your way as to why you’re failing, to achieve the results that you want. Pay attention to those clues. The next step is you tweak, make some small changes and then you run an email blast again or you post content again, and then you measure again and then you make changes again, and this goes on and on and on. This is the secret to persistence because you have a program, you have a method of figuring out what’s wrong, coming out with possible solutions and incrementally improving. If you do this and you do this persistently, you will succeed, guaranteed. The people who fail in this business don’t do this. They run into a wall and then they stop. My friends, the surest way to fail is to quit.

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