Steve Jobs Saved My Life


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Thanks for showing me that it doesn’t matter where you came from or who people think you are or what people say to your face or behind your back. Thanks for showing me that what matters is your FOCUS and your DRIVE. Thanks for reminding me that DREAMS are watered by the blood of daily sacrifice and greased by daily grind.

Thanks for reminding me that BLAMING OTHERS FOR MY FAILURES leads to nowhere but TAKING THE HITS and plugging forward is the only way to go.

Thanks for inspiring me with the reminder that even when the shining beacon of my dreams is obscured by the clouds of DOUBT, CONFUSION, and FALSE ASSUMPTIONS, the LIGHT still exists and I just need to CHOOSE to act to get closer to it.

Here’s to you, Steve Jobs (and Andy Grove and every entrepreneur out there that overcame challenges). I admire you not just for your successes (and there are many) but for your FAILURES and what they taught me. You are not a saint. That’s okay. I am not looking for an idol to worship. I am just looking at a fellow human being who SHOWED me that ALL OF US have greatness inside.

Thank you for saving my LIFE. Instead of living to fuel the dreams of others, you showed me I can take control of mine and live my OWN dreams.

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