Making money online is just like gardening


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

website gardeningWhatever metaphor you use in viewing your life or your projects affects how successful or happy you are.  For example:  if you view life as a race, you will most likely judge your life based on how many ‘stages’ you’ve passed and how many people are ahead or behind you.  The same with viewing life as a series of stairs–you would most likely judge your success based on how many stairs are left to climb and how many more lie ahead of you.

The same dynamic plays out in online publishing/being a webmaster.  How you view your work determines, in a large part, how you respond to challenges and opportunities.  Personally, making money online is just like gardening.  It all starts with the seed:  the concept.  You pick the right seed by researching niches and finding ones that you can be passionate about or you can stay interested in.  You plant the seed and nothing seems to happen for what seems to be a long time.  There’s some small shoots that appear after the seed splits.  But that’s pretty much it.  Don’t be discouraged, everything takes time.  There’s a lot of processes happening that you can’t see.  Use this time to plant many differing seeds and monitor their progress.  Don’t just fixate on one plant.  This is the stage where most webmasters quit.  They put in the effort but don’t ‘see’ any results.  Keep going.

Constantly water your ‘website seeds’ with backlinks and content.  Constantly add high quality content or blog updates.  Maintain a routine and monitor each site’s progress in a journal or diary.  Soon enough, with enough attention (sunlight) and watering (links and content), your ‘plants’ will begin to grow in size and bear fruit.  Turn some of that fruit into fertilizer and reinvest in your garden–set aside a large chunk of revenue for reinvestment.   These should then spur greater growth and income.

The power of reinvestment

Once your business is generating income, reinvest it into your business to expand your scale and your scope.  The best way to keep your business small is to continuously siphon off  resources so that barely enough is left to keep operations going.  Think of your business as a garden that requires natural fertilizer.  Use some of its income to buy inputs to further increase your production.  Think long term.

Just like the patient gardener, the conscientious webmaster doesn’t look for the quick and easy payoff but takes much enjoyment in the process of seeing his/her ideas go from mere seeds of ideas to a healthy robust business built for the long haul.  Website “gardening” is not a sprint… it’s a long interesting and rewarding stroll if you let it be.
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  1. Dan Nappi says:

    Very good post. I think a lot of new webmasters trying to earn money get frustrated and don’t let their blogs materialize and end up giving up.

    Dan Nappi’s last blog post..The Wine Whore

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