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I am pleased to present a very special guest, renowned personal success expert and motivational writer Anas Alaoui. He is the author of the amazing personal success and productivity book, You versus You: Unlocking Your Ideal Self To Achieve Peak Performance, Productivity, and Success. Highrevenue is an online marketing and online income blog dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs achieve success. While we tend to focus primarily on techniques and business models that help entrepreneurs bring home the digital bacon, we can’t overlook the role the proper mindset and personal success systems. These play an important part in helping people achieve their online income goals. Accordingly, we are pleased to interview Anas so we can benefit from the inspiration he brings to the table.

I and the other editors of this blog are confident that our readers will benefit tremendously from what Anas has to say about unlocking a person’s innate ability to succeed.

Without further ado, here’s our interview with Anas Alaoui.

HR: Is everyone capable of success?

AA: Absolutely. The potential for success has little to do with where you come from, your specific background, how much resources you have, what people think of you, none of that. Instead, it has everything to do with what YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE about yourself.

This is the cornerstone of personal success: if you believe, you will achieve. Without this starting point, everything else is simply not going to work out as you’d like. At best, you’ll be limping along achieving mediocre results. At worst, you won’t be achieving much of anything at all.

This comparison between what we subconsciously believe about ourselves and the person we can CHOOSE to believe we are is the core of my book. Most people are unaware of this tension and that’s why most people don’t live lives of consistent victory and success. They don’t understand that they can make this opposition work for them instead of against them.


Anas Alaoui

HR: What are the most common reasons why people fail to live up to their fullest potential?

AA: Fear. Lack of curiosity. Resignation. Constantly taking the path of least resistance. When you lose your sense of possibility, you get on the slippery slope to mediocrity and even outright failure. You end up basically going through the motions.

HR: If you were to pick one, which is the most deadly obstacle to success?

AA: I would say fear. Fear locks people down. They simply just assume that certain things are off limits and leave it at that. All this really is all too bad because people fail to succeed most often fail because they fear failure. They fear that, after they invest all this time, effort, and money, they’ll end up with goose egg, zilch, zero, nada. The sad reality is you’re ALREADY FAILING before you try-you’re already at zero. If anything, when you try something new, you GAIN something-it may not be money, fame, or acclaim but at least you gained experience. Most people who like to play it safe fail to take this into account.

The worst part of fear is that you often put yourself in a position where you confuse ‘analysis’ or ‘gathering information’ for simple paralysis. I can’t count the number of would-be entrepreneurs I’ve met who haven’t lifted a finger towards turning their dreams of business success into a reality because they are ‘still in the info gathering stage.’ They just research and research buy all sorts of business plans and tools and nothing happens. What they’re really doing is giving themselves an excuse for not starting. They’re so afraid of failing they subconsciously put their plans permanently on hold by constantly ‘researching.’ The worst part to all of this is they think they’re actually DOING SOMETHING.

HR: Are you saying that the techniques you mentioned in your book are the magic bullets or ‘secret recipes’ for personal success?

AA: I am not making that claim at all. There are no magic bullets or secret recipes that work for all people in all circumstances. The techniques and framework I outlined should be modified by readers of my book so they can maximize results in their particular set of circumstances. Be very suspicious if you come across someone promising a ‘cookiecutter’ approach to success.

HR: Can one be successful and fully happy?

AA: Yes. These are not mutually exclusive. If you properly define success, your pursuit of it can maximize your success and sense of meaning. Again, it’s all about proper definitions.

HR: Can you be both successful and lazy?

AA: Believe it or not, highly successful people can easily be branded as ‘lazy’ in certain situations. Why? They are always looking to maximize return on effort. Not surprisingly, they look to delegate, outsource, or postpone the 80% of the things they do daily that only return a paltry 20% of their results. Instead, they focus on growing the 20% of the things they do and/or goals they pursue which produce 80% of their results. This may strike some people as ‘lazy’ but I call it simply being smart.

There’s no instant or automatic nobility in scratching and crawling your way to success through grunt work when faster, cheaper, and more effective alternatives exist. People can still choose to do things manually or do things the hard way but it should be their conscious choice. If that makes them happy, why not, right? Still, if a person chooses to do things manually, this doesn’t necessarily mean he should call people who prefer an alternative method ‘lazy.’ To each his own.

HR: What future projects do you see yourself doing?

AA: I am currently doing research on how to apply the oppositional analysis I explored in You versus You to all other areas people often face challenges in. I’m currently looking at personal influence, persuasion, and overcoming fear. Depending on how my research goes, I might have a new book on one of these sub-topics or on all of them. It’s been quite an exciting process so far.

HR: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Anas.

AA: The pleasure’s all mine!

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