Yet another way to make money off Facebook


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

While we don’t recommend it, it seems that whenever there’s an online game system that has these characteristics, people manage to make money off it:

a) Open way of making online gold/credits/chips — ie., you play or you gift to each other to get online currency.  Any way that doesn’t involve buying from the game maker.

b) Open communication systems — ie., direct 1 to 1 communications or an open chatbox/shoutout system.

c) Addictive game play that people would pay money for online credits for — ie., addictive enough to play but people don’t want to “grind”.

These elements are present in many MMORPGS — biggest being WOW and this is the result — and facebook games.  Facebook has a HUGE installed base for games, just look at the MILLIONS playing Farmville.  Well, Facebook games haven’t escaped the attention of people who “farm” WOW gold or people similar to them.  If you’ve been playing at Zynga’s poker rooms on FB, you’ve probably noticed the entrance warning against using bots or multiple accounts to farm chips.  Also, if you play poker long enough, you’ve probably noticed the room spammers of “XXXXXX .com  buy poker chips cheap” or similar bullshit.  Same strategy as WOW pimps.  Funny how the Internet works.  Its all about shared factors–zero in on a potential traffic source’s features and if they fit into the factors listed above, you may have yourself a source of revenue.  Sadly, most of the time, it violates the TOS.

And that’s why we posted this under the “Spam and other crap” category as opposed to “business models”

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