Yahoo Answer Bot Bloopers


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Looks like someone mistakenly used his blog comment spam bot on Yahoo Answers.  Here’s the hilarious result.  Moral of the story:  don’t spam, use real informative CONTENT.  Thank goodness, real quality content is getting CHEAPER by the day.


  1. ester@pugnacious weblistings says:

    It’s such a shame that Yahoo answers gets so spammed. It could actually be quite a useful site but the moderation is very poor. Google does like to rank it well and so it’s annoying just to have spam coming up in your search results all the time

  2. You are right, spamming in yahoo answers is very bad, and waste of time. Because yahoo answers will definetly remove the links, but we waste time in creating account and making answers.

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