World of Warcraft Phishing attacks Increase


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BlizzCon 2010 is just around the corner.  It supposedly brings with it the much anticipated launch release of WOW’s latest upgrade–CATACLYSM.  As if WOW addicts don’t already have enough stuff to worry about, right?  Economy down.  Jobs scarce.  It appears this momentous occasion wasn’t lost of PHISHING SCAM operators.  If you’ve been getting hammered by “Cataclysm Beta Testers” emails lately, don’t click the link.  Lost Gold will probably be the least of your worries if you fall for this BS.


  1. cam@ Coupons For Toys says:

    This happened to a few of my friends. It really is too bad these guys can get away with crud like that. Good looking out and thanks for the warning.

  2. Martin Blank@Seattle locksmith says:

    If there are still people that fall for such obvious bullshit, maybe that’s just natural selection at work. It’s not just Blizzard that won’t ask for a password and/or other personal information via email. No legitimate company or entity ever will.

    So long as there are still particularly stupid fish in the sea, though, these sorts of emails will continue to exist. I’m curious to know just how many people actually get fooled by these things as they’ve been around for decades (even before the Internet made it nearly cost-free to do).

  3. website copywriting says:

    Enough people fall for it for it to be worth the spammer’s while. You can make the same observation with emailed spam. As long as there’s enough people to make the spammer’s ROI it will be worth doing for them.

  4. D. Smith@home based income says:

    You will also get Players phishing for passwords also.

    Someone will offer to help you out, but need your password to do it. DOn’t hand out the password that way.

  5. Scott@Self Storage Units says:

    Blizzard’s mobile authenticator for the I-phone is also pretty helpful for keeping your account safe, as other types of attacks are likely to be on the rise as well. And unlike the hardware version, its free.

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