Watch out for this domain scam


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Watch out for this (apparently classic) domain-related scam that’s being reported at Twitter and wm forums.  Here’s how the scam works:
Scammers email you inquiring about buying your domain.  However, they require that you get your domain appraised by one of three or so domain appraisers they list in their solicitation email before they “buy” your domain.  Two or more of the appraisers listed are well-known and reputable.  There is one appraiser listing that is unknown.

Apparently, the scammers own the little-known appraisal site.  The email is mass-generated mail merged spam aimed at getting you to use their appraisal site.

Don’t fall for this scam by using only reputable appraisal sites.


  1. I’ve got several of these when I published There were also a lot of people offering me “thousands of dollar” if I could put there banner on my site.

    Unfortunately there’s still much spam out there even though mailsoftware are getting better on blocking spam.

  2. Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

    I haven’t run into that one before so thanks for the heads up. There’s just millions of scams out there so every time I can be informed about one it is a little more information that I have to keep myself and those I care about from stepping into something stupid. Thanks.

  3. Joseph@Acai says:

    I only use trusted sites like moniker and for my domain transactions.

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