Spamming Twitter through stripped RSS headers


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Let’s face it, Twitter is NOT worthless–it just looks that way. LOL.  Much of its value is not in one guy with 20 followers thinking he’ll be making millions of dollars overnight.  It’s value is as a realtime search engine of minute by minute hot trends.  In fact, some people consider Twitter a better search engine than Google in some limited cases because of this high level of granularity.

Since people are increasingly waking up to this search power, spammers are quick to flood Twitter with automated accounts that follow each other to look “legit” and spit out updates.  Due to the small amount of content required, Twitter is PERFECT for spammers.  Unlike blogs which require a decent chunk of content to make a dent in all the splog spew out there, Twitter is very vulnerable to short content spam.  In particular, bots that strip titles off articles based on keyword targets and dumping them onto the Twittersphere.  Just imagine hundreds of thousands of bots busily stripping away titles of content produced by others to lead to somewhat related monetized content or to just plain ads.

We’re not categorically opposed to this practice IF the material being “shared” benefits the rights owners AND the readers.  Unfortunately, any experienced Net marketer would be lying to himself if he doesn’t accept the fact that, oftentimes, Internet marketing is about a RACE TO THE BOTTOM.  Since Twitter index spamming was brought to our attention the fast few years, it has reached new lows.  Now, many “updates” just lead to an almost blank page with adsense ads.  If you thought the bad old days of Adsense Arbitrage made many garbage pages, you haven’t seen these.

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