Increase your income by blocking unproductive traffic


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

If you run ads for affiliate programs that don’t take offers from particular countries, you may be losing money if your site continues to get hit by such (“no monetization”) traffic.  This problem is particularly bad for sites that host their own videos.  Cost of upkeep > revenue = Fail.

One good way to block unproductive traffic is to use country-based blocking.  You get a list of IPs and load it onto your .htaccess file.  Whenever a user from a banned country tries to access your site, they are blocked.  BlockACountry.Com does this real well.  Visit them here


  1. jesse@Make Your Site A Success says:

    This method works well, but there are others ways to do this too.. I prefer GeoIP to block based on country but not everyone can install it on their server or has the know how to do it properly.. It is very effective though and a lot less work that updating your htaccess file with IP ranges.

  2. BarelyHangingOn says:

    I use this method to redirect traffic from the high spam countries on most of my sites. It’s the easiest way to go.

    You can also search for Lester Chan, he has a great wordpress plugin for banning ip’s.

  3. Epic movie says:

    Yup! it’s Easiest method to block any country, But I prefer GeopIP for this.

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