Gwen Stefani Died and other spammed malware antics


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

I’ve been a big No Doubt fan since they released their Tragic Kingdom CD in the mid 1990s.  So imagine my shock when I was going through my daily routine of clearing out my spiced ham folder.  “Gwen Stefani Died”–the email subject just jumped out at me.  Sure enough, it had an attack site link and some bogus badly written obituary.  Yes, folks, spam detection software has gotten so good and malware spammers so desperate that they are willing to spread fake death “news” just to get people to open their emails.  This is definitely a more screwed up trend than the WOW phishing scams we reported earlier.

Spammed malware is defnitely surging right now.  I guess, traditional ways of spreading malware are quickly becoming less and less effective.  Hence, the need for a new front.  Make sure you keep Eset or Kaspersky updated.

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