Guaranteed Top Search Engine rankings or your money back


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

How often do you hear that spamtastic come on?  Guaranteed top SERP?!   Sadly, people fall for this over and over again.  No one can guarantee top results.  No one legit at least.  There’s a lot of misleading ads for SEO services nowadays.  Sure, they can get you to the top rank for your term–provided it’s a term no one searches for.

People are now being “trained” by these come ons that they have unrealistic expectations.  Here is an ACTUAL “services wanted” ad at a popular webmaster forum.

The reality:  real SEO takes time to rank well for a competitive term.  It’s not like adding hot water to freeze-dried quality traffic.


  1. Chris@Traffic Ultimatum says:

    That looks like DP’s screen, I will miss the old toxic green 😉 Not only with webmaster forums, you can see similar requests on many freelancing websites like oDesk and eLance.

  2. Rick @ Radioactive Man Costumes says:

    I get emails like this all the time. I actually fell for it about 2 years ago and ended up paying some Indian based “SEO” expert to build links…Since that time I’ve realized nothing can be guaranteed in the world of SEO.

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