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There’s many webmasters that “overautomated” their operations. In fact, some guys’ operations are so automated that they just click a button to get thousands of backlinks in less than 60 seconds. I’m sure that’s what the autoposter sales page would say but the reality is: automation can backfire easily and land you in Akismet land. You don’t want to be in akismet land.

Here’s a recent blooper I ran across when going through my spiced ham comments filter:


Your topic %TITLE% was interesting when I found it on %DAY% searching for %KEYWORD%. Thanks, %URL%…

Here’s what he did wrong: 1) used the same message with data merge 2) blasted that crap all over the blogosphere.

Here’s what I would suggest: Use REAL people to post REAL comments doing REAL research.

photo credits:  Freezelight


  1. gagan @ Landing Page Design says:

    I have heard about lot of automated tool which claim to give you 1000s of links each day easily But i could not understand why people are so lazy and don’t want to do some manual work

  2. Ste@free Playstation 3 says:

    Yes, auto commenting can only lead to short term results at best. On a separate note the image you chose to use got me thinking – who decided to call spam, well, spam? I’ve never thought of it before.

  3. mark @la pavoni stradivari espresso machine says:

    RUDE!!!!! I absolutely hate spam bots, and I find it hilarious that they left you a comment that looked like that. I would only approve any comment on my blog that had relevant content, and it is obvious that you do the same. I actually write for several blogs, and you would be surprised at how many different spam comments pop up, many of which are in different languages. People should try a little bit harder to get their back links!

  4. Chuck Brown@making extra money says:

    I totally agree with you when you say use real people to post real comments. And i don’t find anything wrong in that, it saves you from falling into the category of spammers and also get you the desired backlinks for your blogs or websites.

  5. Goldie Mamma@Coupon Mom says:

    That is pretty funny. I have been getting the same comments from a .ru email address everyday. I know it is a bot because I have three different wordpress blogs and the same comments show up on all of them.

  6. Matt@Aussie Opinion Blog says:

    Frankly, I don’t know why these comment spammers bother. It’s not just that what they do is unethical and annoying. It also means that they must have so little pride in what they are doing.

    I’d be ashamed of having such spammy, meaningless crap linking back to my URL. That’s why even if it eventually gained me a lot of traffic, I just wouldn’t use this technique.

  7. ANSH@black friday ads 2009 says:

    Well i think this is really a good topic to discuss because now a days you can get millions of spammer on your blog post. So there should be some good spam filters to avoid this thing.

  8. I this this %topic% article. It is great mr %blogauthorname% ! I really get angy having to moderate all these obscure “could apply to any topic” comments made by automated commentbots on my %mybloggname% blog!
    Just joking.. i wonder how the blooper didnt get generated as html? normally though when i get some of these crappy automated comments i visit their website and make a comment with my link to my blog and also send them a mail telling them that i refused their comment and suggest that they write a topic related comment which i will be pleased to publish if they find the time to make a real valid comment. Its webmasters like these guys spamming around who destroy the content quality of the www. and the blogosphere. Sometimes i dream of doing really nasty things to these people i must admit.
    Another pain in the butt is all the people trying to phish your email and social networking accounts.. these people need a good spanking.. i believe that most of these snotrags only dare to do such things from behind the mask of their ip adress and dont have any character or substance. Just care about themselves and making a buck at the expense of other bloggers and the readers.

  9. the funny thing i had a video on youtube and it was getting like 2k views a day, and i don’t know how some bot got it and then every single day it left like 50 comments on my blog on that specific post only, at the end i disabled the comments on that post!

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