Beware of Fake SEO contests


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

pimpLately, there’s been an explosion of legit and bogus SEO contests.  Bogus SEO contests can cost you your valuable low link traffic link list.  Here’s how to spot the fake ones from the legit ones.

1) How long has the site holding the contest been around?
2) Have they held non-SEO contests before?
3) Did they pay the winners of the non-SEO contests before?
4) Is there a suspicious pattern of past winners?
5) Is there 3rd party verification for the SEO contest?
6) Run search on the domain name and do a whois.  Run a search and see if the owner is involved in past fake SEO contests before.

Fake SEO contests, even if they PAY, take something very valuable from their participants–their link sources.  Be very carefuly before participating in these.

In other words:  Try not to get PIMPED.  Just like blog comment pimping and blog content comment pimping, it sucks to get PIMPED.

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  1. George@SEO Lair Blog says:

    I recently saw a contest sponsored by a company. The contest was who could build the most links to a certain site with certain anchor text. The winner won a certain prize. The funny thing is that the contest prize is worth way less than the links, but only people in SEO really knew it. :) Thanks for the heads up on this.

  2. Stephany@Schwinn 212 says:

    I use to follow seo contest and never won any of those yet. Thanks anyway for warning. I’ll be more careful before participating such contest in the future.

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