Twitter updates @ functionality


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Twitter has updated its @ setting so that people who follow an account will no longer see that account’s @ replies.  However, people can still see account names mentioned with @ as long as it’s not a direct reply.  Here’s an example:

Replies @account won’t show:  If an account you’re following replies to @account, the message to @account won’t show in your feed.

Mentions of @account will show:  If an account you’re following posts an update that mentions @account, you’ll see that in your feed

Twitter’s system couldn’t handle the load so they were technically pushed to this solution.

Personally, I think this is a good solution.  It still offers serendipity, minimizes @ noise, and prevents calculated @ sniping.  Hopefully, this update won’t ignite (yet again) moans that “Twitter is Worthless“.  Twitter isn’t worthless… how can it be?  It makes me money :)


  1. Dan Nappi says:

    I noticed a lot less twitter downtime since they have changed this. I know a lot of people are complaining about the change but a lot of people complain at first about change.

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  2. Twitter is down a lot ” to many tweets ” lol makes me laugh but I also make money with twitter !

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