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facebookWebmasterlabor.Com is testing out a new service to add to its portfolio of traffic generation services.  As a subsidiary, we were tasked with testing out this service.  Here are the results:

Facebook Traffic Service Analysis

Methodology:  Create a facebook friend with thousands of friends.  Send a link to friends to get traffic.  This particular facebook page has a wide range of fans.  Mostly females.  Mostly over 20 years of age.

Site used for testing:  We have a lightly promoted blog that is part of our site incubation program.  It is an academics blog that targets individuals who want to go back to school.  It is a blog that is in the very early stages of development and hasn’t been integrated to webmasterlabor’s traffic building processes.  In other words, it’s the perfect candidate for a traffic test.

These are our findings:

Speed of delivery: Almost instant.  Once the link was sent out , the blog started getting traffic.

Traffic Targeting: There is no targeting on the supply end–the fanbase for the page is what it is.  Any targeting must be done on the demand side.  We didn’t use a new theme for the target blog nor did we pick out a deep link that is targeted to the readers.  This lack of targeting on our end had an impact on the results.

Traffic Improvement: There was a dramatic improvement from the day before.  We used very very specific ad text so the traffic was pretty much “self-filtered”.

Traffic Quality: Due to the lack of targeting, the bounce rate was very high. Average stay was under 10 seconds.  Most of the traffic was from the UK.  Regardless, the blog saw a steep rise in daily income.

Income Improvement: The blog went from less than 20 cents per day to over $1 per day. Fivefold increase.  The blog was very lightly promoted before.  Almost no linkbuilding.

Conclusion: Tweak your site first.  Make sure it matches the demographics and geography of the traffic source.  Both content and language should appeal to the fanbase.   Text should be highly specific so your traffic is self-filtering.  One possible improvement would be to offer a service that does CUSTOM FANBASE recruitment.

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