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GM routinely scours twitter and facebook looking for UNHAPPY customers. Good to see huge Old School corporations using Social Networking to get a realtime pulse of customer reactions to their products. Kinda makes you think of ROI though. There probably has to be some sort of profiling and urgency ranking involved for it to work for GM.

Source: LA Times

GM has a new team of customer-service agents scouring social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, looking to reach out to people who’ve complained about problems with their GM vehicles and offering to help them.

“You’re kind of like a detective having to go through and see what’s going on,” said Sheri Haefele, one of GM’s social media agents.

It’s all part of GM’s post-bankruptcy efforts to be more proactive in dealing with customers. The Detroit automaker expects to double its social media efforts in April, adding new agents and more computing power.

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