5 Tips on getting the most out of Google Buzz


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Google Buzz has a lot going for it. Really. No need to laugh me out of the room.   For starters, it was initially force-fed to a huge chunk of Gmail’s installed base estimated at around 150 million users. It is also better positioned for conversations and site sharing as opposed to Twitter (who’s main value nowadays revolves around social buzz search).

So.. if you’re still trying to figure out Google Buzz, here’s a great article from Social Media Examiner to help you get going:

Visit the tips at:  Social Media Examiner


The good news is Google Buzz is not particularly complicated or new. Google has used the most basic features from other popular platforms: friends and status updates.

You can post short messages, comment and “like” other people’s messages, plus share links and photographs. All familiar stuff. Your initial friends will be from your Gmail address book and you can find other people with the usual searches for email address and name.

it’s very much like FriendFeed and Facebook.

You add status update messages, links and photographs, and people can comment on them or “like” them. You can comment and like other folks’ stuff in return. It’s all very easy.

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