Social Bookmarking and Bing: Quick bump up


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Everyone’s got their own guess as to how Bing works.  Current speculation centers on whether Bing copies Google’s recent devaluation of certain link strategies like link scupting and Google’s crackdown on paid links.  One thing’s for sure, based on our recent experiment on the effect of DO FOLLOW social bookmark linkbuilding, Bing is not very discriminating.  Notice the nice bump in the traffic chart below.

bing social bookmarking

We’re continuing our tests and also looking at other tests for Bing–duplicate content tolerance, meta tag impact, and other key SEO variables.  Check this blog often for updates :)


  1. Interesting article. Oh and btw google can suck my balls.

  2. I can’t really see your image’s text (even when clicking on it) so I’m not sure what the graph is supposed to show… But it’s nice to see that Bing isn’t as discriminating as Google :)

  3. Jesse@Make Your Site A Success says:

    Interesting post, I will make sure to check back to see how this pans out for you long term. Looks like the blog is taking off nicely for you as well :-)

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