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bing versus googleAccompanied by a lot of speculation and anticipation, was recently beta launched by Microsoft as a replacement to their MSN search engine.  MSN, as many SEOs agree, is a fairly “easy” engine to optimize for.  Since its focus tends to be more on “on page” optimization, many webmasters had better luck with MSN than with Google.  Based on some webmasters’ reports with Adsense-powered pages, MSN traffic produced more clicks than with Google.  Understandably, many webmasters and site publishers are nervous about the Bing changeover since Bing uses a differing ranking algorithm than MSN.

We looked at the recent stats of one of our more established inhouse mainstream blogs.  Based on the initial results, Bing actually produces better traffic quality than either MSN or Google.

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Quality of Traffic: Bing vs. Google

Based on these figures,  search traffic from Bing had a lower bounce rate and viewed more pages than visitors from, MSN, and Google.  For adsense-centric sites, bounce rate and page views are key indicators of traffic quality and likelihood of Adsense clickthroughs.

Quantity of Traffic: Bing vs. Google

As for actual SERP rankings for the test site, volume traffic keywords that were #1 at Google with nested multiple listings were #2 to #4 on Bing.  We’ll keep monitoring this to see if it changes.

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  1. Reading to this post i feel that bing is doing nice work. We all know that google is great search engine but the start up of bing is also not bad it gives me nice traffic and position of my keywords is showing somewhat same in google, so bing is also good search engine

  2. Informative article. I have noticed traffic from Bing. I am on the fence on this one. I understand that they (Msn) spent quite a lot in development. Interestingly enough reports show Bing has over taken Yahoo in the search engines.

    It will an interesting war to say the least. Will they ever take over Google 😉

    Garret’s last blog post..Why don’t I qualify for unemployment insurance in Canada?

  3. Zak Show says:

    I was surprised when I sew that Bing bring to my sites quality targeted visitors since the first day.. but you know Google is a monopoly, everybody trust big G, even those people that use Bing use Google too! Hope to see more competitors to improve the quality of services.

  4. Kevin@Wealthy Affiliate Tour says:

    eventualy once bing established a considerable amount of people who uses bing, optimizing with them will be as hard as google.

  5. Noah@WealthNet Partners says:

    Haven’t noticed many ranking changes with bing than from msn/live, really. If anything, I saw a slight bump with bing (maybe a spot or 2 in the SERPS). You gotta wonder if bing’s increase in traffic compared to msn will last, though, or whether people will get tired of it and just go back to google.

  6. Adam@Best People Finder says:

    From the webmasters that I have shared information with, most have stated that their traffic from MSN converted at a higher rate than Google. Now I’m not sure if Bing has been alive long enough to make a fair comparison however I feel that Bing offers the visitor more insight into the serp listing before they make the “click” therefore a more likely targeted visitor.

  7. Joseph@Acai says:

    I have seen some changes with my sites ranking with the bing change. With that said, I still don’t know if it has anything really to do with it, or if it was just a fluke.

  8. Matt@Ranking Well In Search Engines says:

    Bing is doing quite well for itself, probably due to the mass marketing campaign I’ve been seeing a lot of lately (I don’t think Google has ever had to prove itself in this way).

    The traffic my main website is getting comes mostly from Google … followed by Yahoo and Bing. I do have to admit one thing … even though Google gives me as much as three times more traffic … the Yahoo and Bing visitors tend to stay on my page longer, and browse more pages. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m not going to complain.

  9. i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

  10. Jayesh@Phoenix Web Solutions says:

    Google is Primary source for traffic on my website, but their bounce rate is higher then bing, Bing sends quality users to my website, which spend reasonable time on my website. There is another search engine called Yandex in market, they have the highest bounce rate.

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