Panda smoke clears to reveal BOUNCE RATE as key factor


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This blog caught a lot of heat because we kept emphasizing the role BOUNCE RATE may have played in the devastating trifecta of Google updates that started on February 25. May webmaseters, understandably, don’t want to bother with the time, hassle, or cost involved in producing sites that have a) ORIGINAL b) QUALITY c) LOW BOUNCE RATE CONTENT.  But Google, just like reality, doesn’t care how much you whine, boo, cry, or rant–it has its own agenda and you have to play by its rules.

It is refreshing to see that we are NOT ALONE in factoring Bounce Rate.  Wordtracker is a very influential service and they too, in their blog, agree that Bounce Rate is a factor. While they aren’t saying it is THE factor (we’re closer to that opinion than they are), they do list it as a factor.

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Why are people scared of LOW BOUNCE RATE content?  It has more benefits than costs:

It improves the overall content quality of your pages – Focusing on reader comfort and satisfaction forces you to produce quality content

It boosts your website’s viral appeal – Social networking is a HUGE source of traffic. Highly useful content means more people will share your content and your base of loyal readers may grow due to your reputation for quality content.

It doesn’t cost as much as you think – Thanks to specialized SEO copywriting services that focus on user quality and experience, high quality content is now more affordable than ever.  Many firms offer bulk discount programs.

It boosts your ability to monetize your content – The more people find your content credible, the more they find YOUR SITE credible. This means more credible and trusted ads or special promotions.

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