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We recently ran an historical analysis of several clients’ blogs and noticed a distinct pattern–SE activity picks up with more blog updates.  This isn’t rocket science–it’s always been suspected that frequent updates factors into crawl frequency.  It’s also not unreasonable to think of this process as a “race”–the more your blog gets indexed and the more you target fast developing non-competitive terms in competitive niches, the higher the chance your pages will rank well.  The big revelation is how the most recent Google algo changes reflect these concerns.  It appears that the algo change is placing a heavier emphasis on FRESH CONTENT for blogs.  So older entries that used to get a lot of love and attention from Google slip down as time goes by.  Apparently, the recent algo change results in older posts sliding down much faster.  This might be caused by 1) finding and giving more weight to the “latest info” on the particular subject and/or 2) the impact of Caffeine’s social media orientation that prefers late breaking or currently spreading info.  Also, the May Day update’s change in how Google handles long tail searches factors heavily too in “not exactly on point” posts being pushed down.  Being slightly off point and lack of updates may mean a steep decline in SE traffic.

What can you do?  Focus on news analysis (with original quirky/personal analysis), and , worst case but it’s probably the least you can do, news summaries.  Takes a lot of time?  Costs a lot of money?  Thankfully, there’s an affordable and effective solution to these issues.  And I’m not talking about RSS-pimping or “autoblogging” either.

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  1. Simon@websitetraffic says:

    I have noticed that older posts are dropping down the rankings quite quickly now which means us poor bloggers have to produce mor and more content. I took a look at your recommended solution, not bad. I have just started using a pay per article service and am getting pretty good results but for my own blog I prefer to write my own posts.

  2. tech guy@mygirlfund says:

    IMO this is one of those tips that falls under best practices. Even if you haven’t been updating daily or more as a strategic move, if you have a good/active site it will be updated often as your topic evolves.

    Personally I’m glad Caffeine included this as a criteria, because it makes it harder for sploggers to keep up and easier for real bloggers to rank.

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