Barack Obama is your new bicycle


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I use Google autosuggest for SEO.  It’s great for finding subniches and high value targeted topics to blog about.  However, it does produce WEIRD results sometimes.  Check out these gems….
Barack Obama is your new bicycle…  Talk about metaphors.  Hmmmm.  Albert Hoffman type bicycle (Road to Eleusis) or are we talking about that famous ET scene?

NOTE:  Click on the thumbnails to see the Large version


Interesting list for British people.  What’s with the bad teeth search?  Austin Powers gag line gone meme?


Who the hell does the search below?  Jonathan Swift fans?

Interesting search about American people…  American people will “never knowingly adopt socialism”.  Niche search.  Probably a good title to target for upcoming right of center blogs…  Most likely ad provider:  They have ads on many conservative sites.



  1. emerald@seo marketing ireland says:

    That is so absurd. This goes along with searching click this, Adobe is the top result.

  2. Jannice@Enterprise Networking says:

    I tried my own version of this and found some weird results from french, japanese and thai.

  3. tempo dulu says:

    If obama is my new bicyle then what part of him is the saddle. Too awful to contemplate. Seriously, though I’d be careful with autosuggest. In my experience it’s a bit random. better to use adwords – a more methodical approach.

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