Avoiding Google’s thin content penalty


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Just in case you don’t really know, Google hates thin content. What are thin content sites? These are websites that are basically based on exact match domain name. These are domain names that are built on keywords that get traffic and the whole website is based on content based on that keyword. As a result, the whole website maybe has maximum of 10 to 20 pages. That’s not enough. That’s very thin content and Google hates them. Google hates them because Google feels that these are low quality sites that are just made so that the owner can make money from affiliate links or ad clicks, fair enough. Here are some tips on how to avoid Google’s thin content penalty.

Exact match domains are not necessarily bad

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If you use an exact match domain, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of your domain and start with a new one. No. If you have an exact match domain, that’s okay but make sure that you stock your website properly. In other words, you have to approach your website the way flesh and blood user would. What kind of things would they be looking for? What kind of questions would they be asking? So write down all these questions and then process all these and create pages out of them. Link them altogether and you have a comprehensive website that answers the needs of your visitors in a very deep way. When you do this, you switch from being a thin content website to an authority website. An authority website is defined as a website that meets the target audiences’ deep needs. They are not shallow. They go all the way down. They drill down. That’s why the more questions you answer, the better your website is.

Provide different media

Another problem with thin content websites is that they just composed of thin blocks of text and that’s it. If you include Youtube videos, include a forum, you include even podcasts and you have stored documents, then you again are morphing your thin content site into an authority site. Throw a lot of media to the problem because there’s a lot of different media forms that your target audience is looking for.

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