The best day to issue an online press release


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Based on a very experienced press release specialist, Mondays are NOT very slow news days.  If you submit on a Monday, your PR will probably be overlooked and your PR won’t be published online.  Why is this bad?  Besides the direct traffic press releases generate, less online PR sites will build backlinks to your site by publishing your release.  Worst of all, many editors and influential bloggers won’t notice your release and you’ll miss out on the news buzz and blogosphere buzz that a good press release is supposed to produce.

What’s the best day to release a press release?  Thursday.  Thursday is the day of the week where press rooms are slowest.  You’ll have a better shot of getting your PR noticed on Thursday (US Time).


  1. john@forbrukslån says:

    I have a question regarding online press releases. I work for a medium sized company that do have a couple of press releases that is used in the main street press every year. The problem is that the major news sites in Norway seems to have a no link practice.

    Which of the online press release companies should I use to get google’s goodwill? I can even pay a bit, but would obviously rather not if that is an option…


  2. It figures it is Thursday…..I am sooo mad at myself I always…errr…did them Monday.

    Great tip.

  3. David Brooks says:

    I agree completely with the Monday vs. Thursday equation EXCEPT if you are targeting news weeklies. Thursday is generally production days — the busiest editorial day of the week.

    In our experience, Friday mornings (not afternoons) get you noticed.

    Now, for your NEXT article, how about a detailed and objective analysis of which free/cheap PR distribution sites are worthwhile and which ones are useless. We studied 50 so fare and the results (based on traffic and PR benefits) are surprising.

  4. Hey man this is a great news to me. I havent given it a thought about this all these days. Yes I agree, Monday is the most happening day of the week, so Thursday would be the best day to publish our press release online.

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