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Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few days or smoking rocks while hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that epassporte’s bank has been blocked by Visa.  This has provoked a massive (and very understandable) reaction on webmaster forums of “Dude, where’s my cash?“.  Twitter is also blowing up regarding this issue.  Many are now looking for alternatives.  Payoneer is mentioned quite frequently.  Paypal also gets mentioned a lot.  Before you go down the Paypal road, keep in mind that most of the time it is very reliable.  However, there can be process hiccups when you get this error.  It’s a minor issue but it can be a pain in the butt if you’re sending out a lot of payments or moving from section to section a lot in the dashboard.  Just a heads up.


  1. Frederic@Payoneer Sponsors says:

    As long as the money isn’t deducted from your account when you encounter that message, it’s nothing but a minor annoyance. However, yesterday on GFY someone posted he ran into that problem, the money was deducted from his account but no money was sent to the account he was trying to send money to. I hope paypal will fix this asap, because in the current climate (epassporte etc), people are quickly losing their patience. Personally, I have never encountered that message and am confident they’ll come up with a solution. I have been using paypal for over 6 years now and still happy with their product/service.

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