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Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

This blog is a DO FOLLOW comment blog.  Why?  Because we believe Google should ban spam not blogs linking to each other for legitimate reasons.  Also, commenters should be rewarded for good comments by pimping their sites a little bit.  Good for direct traffic and good for SEO.

Here’s the graphic of our official position:

Of course, we don’t want our site to be infested by spamtastic links next to crappy comments  so we make sure to upgrade to the latest versions of WP, we have Akismet turned on, and we heavily moderate for quality comments.  What are the quality comments we are looking for?  Anything that engages conversation–questions, suggestions, offering tidbits.

The difference between Spam and Content

Spam, by itself, is too salty.  To make it taste better, Hawaiians wrap it in nori (dried seaweed wrapper), put in some rice dabbed with a swig of some rice vinegar, and some egg.  From SPAM to Hawaiian spam musubi.   From a salty piece of pork to a Polynesian delicacy.  Use that same philosophy when making backlinks.  Use real content.  Participate.


  1. Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

    My blog is dofollow also. In fact, I just put a couple of banners in the sidebar to let everyone know that it is not a nofollow blog. Thanks for the advice!

    Nicholas Z. Cardot’s last blog post..5 Irrefutable Qualities of Successful Blogs

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