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Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

From another blog that receives Shoemoney’s premium newsletter: don’t buy text link ads links.  Apparently it’s straight from Google insiders themselves…  This is kinda obvious.  Really.  It would suck for Matt Cutts and crew to spider TLA and just unload that heavy 500 pound BAN hammer…  Stay clear of TLA.  Also, stay clear of dudes selling links on forums who mention their url in their responses or ads.


  1. I can’t figure out if he’s being sarcastic or not. Not sure why Shoemoney added the “told by Google”-part.

  2. Airian @ MyEasyTV says:

    Don’t believe everything shoemoney tells you because there are a couple of times where I’ve seen him giving fake info for the sake of his own profit. He has good info (way better than that John Chow fella), but be careful because these guys are out for a fast buck now and then. He’s probably suggesting this to get his competitors to stop buying links (decreases competition).

  3. Another Blogger says:

    It’s up to us to follow what shoemoney said, but I ‘ve read a blog that the owner said that her PR down because she used this Text Link Ads and soon after she remove all that links, the PR back as before.

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