Make Link Building the Cornerstone of your daily activities


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

This viral video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer became an Internet hit when it was released a few years back:

Constant Focus Leads to Success

People were making fun of Steve Ballmer saying that he went crazy.  Ballmer’s point was that targeted focus is the key to Microsoft’s continued success.  In the video’s case, it is all about focusing their product suite to the needs of developers who will then further entrench Microsoft’s hold in its various application markets.  Simple enough, right?

Whether you sympathize with Microsoft or not, Ballmer’s emphatic appeal on FOCUS is very instructive and important.  In the webmaster’s case, the mantra should be “LINKS LINKS LINKS”.  The Internet is composed of a vast array of sites linking to each other.  Many of those links are intentional.  Many aren’t.  Regardless, it is the power of links that drive search engines.  Arguably, links fuel search engines not the other way around.

Combining your daily online Habits with linkbuilding

Your daily goal should be on how you can plug your site(s) deeper and further into this massive collection of links called the Internet.  You don’t even have to consciously and deliberately go on a formal linkbuilding campaign, it might simply mean building links on sites you already visit.  If you visit forums as part of your daily routine, put your hyperlinked text title into your SIG.  If you visit social network sites, put your link in your profile.   Even if the sites are nofollow, the sheer volume of your habitual use daily could translate to some direct traffic and also might help with non-Google traffic sources (yes, there are other search engines besides Google).   Put your link in your email signature.  Put your link in your IM away messages (if supported).

Linkbuilding is not a sprint… it is a MARATHON!

By incorporating linkbuilding/link propagation to your daily online activities, you maximize your daily results.  Don’t expect massive results quickly.  Plant one seed at a time but keep planting.  The key to sustained and cumulative traffic is constant effort.  Make daily link building your habit.


  1. Tips on Web Traffic says:

    so i will make a daily habit of the link building :)

    Tips on Web Traffic’s last blog post..BSNL datacard, Sancharnet card-EVDO and ICC(BSNL-NIC) Modem Tariffs

  2. Jean@ZineGuru Website Marketing says:

    Nice read. I can’t agree more about link building being a marathon and not a sprint. It should be an ongoing long process and you need patience before reaching your goal.

    Some people will try to get too many links at once thinking they will get high rankings fast, but they can get penalized instead. Since links take some time to get results and higher rankings for your website, you should try to get them on a daily basis.

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