How NOT to build links using forum posts


Tired of Making Chump Change Online?

Driving a ten ton truck through a small doorway produces devastating results, both physically and visually.  The same debacle can be seen when someone tries to spam a SEO-friendly webmaster forum.  Looks like someone was learning linkbuilding techniques from a Viagra SE spammer circa 2004.  Not very good.  Here’s one pic of the wreckage: ( Note: forum feed view.  Thread view only.)

forum link spam
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What should we learn from this person’s experience?

  • Learn to use a SIG and make sure it conforms to forum rules
  • Don’t dump your keyword list in the title
  • Don’t use bots
  • Ease up on the posting frequency
  • Rifle shots get banned less than shotgun blasts


  1. That’s a good topic there. Many people want to utilize all 4-5 available links on SIG, but it makes much more sense to have 2/3 with excellent surrounding text that will get people to click on SIG.

    Most common spam in forum is copy pasted articles from elsewhere that are just used to increase post count.

  2. informative post

  3. Well now days its hard to spam forum with such posts. Most webmasters are careful and will ban ip’s and accounts.

    The only way i use to build links / traffic from forum is either put the link in signature or post about your website andtake suggestions from others.

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